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Created 1.8 million years ago, the crater is now a valuable source of gold, copper, nickel, palladium and other metals. Popigai Russia 56 miles The Popigai crater sits in northern Siberia.It was created by an asteroid and the impact was powerful enough to send debris flying into other continents."Large impacts like these may have had a far more significant role in the Earth's evolution than previously thought." Evidence of the impact zone was found more than 1.2 miles underground in the Warburton Basin, near the borders of the states of South Australia and Queensland and the Northern Territory.Dr Glikson said the date of the impact was unclear but it probably occurred more than 300 million years ago.But Badoo isn’t the only app stealing Tinder’s thunder.Here are some interesting up-and-comers gaining ground on established favourites. Why not try out one of the new players on the dating scene – Hinge.

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Scientists believe it was created by a 5-km-wide asteroid over 200 million years ago.All matches are initiated by women, giving them the power to decide who they do and don’t want to have a conversation with.It is available for free on both Android and i Phone.The research has been published in the journal Tectonophysics."These are deeply buried impact structures," Dr Glikson said.

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