Dating your best friend yahoo answer

It’s something that should be saved for longer down the road—think after numerous dates, hook-ups, and PDAs. If he gets freaked out by this, do not even think about inviting him to your cousin’s first birthday party.“I was with this guy for about a month and decided to invite him to my grandparents’ anniversary party.The worst is when you smile and wave and he doesn’t even notice or acknowledge you. After one too many mixed drinks, a few shots, and a keg stand, you’re feeling like you did after your 21st birthday celebration.Stop chasing your crush and instead eye f—k the hotties who walk by you every day. It’s bad enough to puke on yourself, but it’s way worse when you puke on your crush.“I had just gotten home from a night out and my friend and I thought it would be fun to look through every one of my crush’s profile pics all the way back to his preteen days.We liked everything—from his baby face pictures to his first high school dance,” says Gina, a collegiette from Western Michigan University. Guys already hate Pinterest enough, and when you combine it with a discussion of your future marriage and children, he will want to run away and never talk to you again.

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When you get the feeling that things are going to get messy, run to the bathroom or look for the nearest bucket or garbage can, not his brand new Sperry’s.

Make peace with his best girl friend any way you can. He finds you crying outside the bar, for the third weekend in a row.

Do the whole Mean Girls thing and be “frenemies” with her if you have to... And to make matters worse, you can’t stop hiccupping. Drunk crying is not only unattractive; it also makes you look weak and pathetic.

Love can make us do crazy things, especially the kind of unrequited love that occurs during a one-sided crush. If he doesn’t answer you the first five times, he’s not going to answer you the sixth time either.

We might think these are innocent behaviors that bring us one step closer to our happily ever afters, but they aren’t. No matter how hard you want to try again, remember that double (and triple, and quadruple) texting is a big no-no. Not only will he see how obsessed you are, but so will his 1,052 friends.

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